030 Last night, at the summer home. I had uploaded a bunch of flipnote GIFs, and I was watching some last night. Then I went on my dads laptop, and left the DSi in sleep mode. Then when I got off the laptop, we went to the shore, and the DSi remained in sleep mode. When we got back, I headed upstairs, opened the DSi, and switched folders, from 17 to 19. Folder 19 opened, and all the thumbnails were just white, all the color and drawings missing. So, naturally, I clicked on one of the flips. I got a message saying "Data corrupted. Deleting corrupted data..." and had the little frog spinning, and then the screen saying the data was corrupted pulled away, and the thumbs stayed white. I sent the DSi back to the menu, and started up Flipnote Studio again. I got another message, this time saying "The object inserted in the SD card slot cannot be used." pressing the A button, I let the message slide away, then turned the ppower off, hoping for the love of Mewtwo it was just a bit of dirt on the SD card. I had all the flips up to folder 17 and half of 18 saved to another SD card my dad had lent me, but that was at home, and if this didnt work, then Ive lost a folder and a half of flips Ill never replace. I opened the SD card slot, pulled out the SD card, and, ever so gently, blew on the card. Slipping it back in the slot, I powered on the DSi again, started up the Studio. This time, I didnt get the message saying the SD card was unusable. So, I pressed the "View Flipnote" button, and tappped "SD Card." Thumbnails back, color, drawings. Relieved, I notice that nothing seems to be deleted (Thank Mewtwo). It all plays just fine now, but Ive moved all the GIFs to a folder on my desktop~

So, that, is how my DSi scared the crap out of me last night.